Firms invest in sectors, technologies, products, services and places where there is potential for business, growth in business and profit. This estimation of potential does not come out of thin air; we help them with it. At Martancy consultancy we help our clients with the whole array of market research. The need for market research is not limited to gauging the demand for a product or service or the size of a market. For us market research has a more comprehensive notion. It denotes an integration of the ideas of the market research firm with the purposes of its client in the best way possible.

Our roots

Martancy is a revered market research company at Noida in India. We are present in the full spectrum of market research. We help companies in developing brands, getting recognition for brands, business development etc. We also help our customers with forecasting about market growth, mergers and acquisitions, investment opportunities, strategic planning etc. In fact we are associated with the entire brand life cycle of the product brought to the market by the company. At Martancy, strategies, techniques, technologies, analysis and skilled manpower are employed to achieve the best possible customized solution for your brand.

Segregation of activities

At Martancy, we categorize our activities into a broad spectrum of training, project management, IT product development and business multiplier. Training can be in technology, management or life coaching. Training is the base in product development and business growth. At Martancy, experienced and skilled manpower are adept at handling multilayered projects. Such projects have various stakeholders and each stakeholder demands his own pound of flesh. You need to have a hawk’s eye view to get the best for every stakeholder and dish out the most acceptable solution in terms of business development.

Our presence is felt in the whole hog of industries such as technology, infrastructure, electronics, transport and aviation, automotive, information services, telecom, construction and real estate development.

When it comes to technology companies need to watch out for the frequent changes and up gradations. We would identify all the drivers of change for the technology niche of your company and support you to take the plunge into the ever changing world of technology.

Infrastructure, construction and real estate entail the risk of failures. At Martancy, we help our customers design repeatable growth models and a slew of innovative ideas that can help you generate new products with higher business potential, but lower failure risk.

The electronics industry is ever changing. So at Martancy, we look into both buyer side and seller side aspects and come out with objective answers so that you can focus on the best opportunities for business development.

In the case of automotive, transport and aviation industries, Martancy will help you understand the underlying drivers of growth and broad market trends to implement integrated strategies for business development or otherwise.

Don’t think that we are working with big brothers only. The unique thing about Martancy is that we are also supporting startups in various industries which struggle to get suitable advice for business and product development as well as sales and market growth forecasting.